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Count on us for all your pool care needs.

We also offer bi-weekly service and can tailor any plan to fit your needs

Every pool is different, extra charges may be applied for pools with no screen cage or large plants near the pool.

We provide estimates within 24 business hours.

We’re always available via call or text 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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  • Empty baskets
  • Clean tile
  • Skim the pool by net
  • Check operation of your equipment
  • Vacuum and back washing
  • Check automatic cleaning system if applicable
  • Test and balance chemical levels
  • Brush sides and steps of pool
  • Make sure your gate is secured
  • Leave weekly “report card” of services rendered and condition of pool

Green Pool Cleanup

We specialize in “Green to Clean” pool cleaning. First, we’ll diagnose your pool condition to provide you with the most efficient method to bring it back to clarity. As a last resort, we’ll drain the pool completely, pressure wash surfaces, remove all debris, and then refill the pool with fresh water.

99% of the time your pool can be restored to clear blue without the hassle and costly task of draining. Just by using the proper and correct amount of chemicals, your pool can be back to beautiful in a week.

Call us for a free estimate.

Pick a plan

Silver King

Best deal for worry-free pool care. We take care of maintenance, you enjoy clear water without a worry.


  • Check and balance chemicals
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Brush walls, tiles, and steps
  • Equipment check


  • Vacuum (or as needed)
  • Clean Filter

$75 a month

Red Tide

This option is perfect for customers trying to be economical, those who don’t use their pool too often.


  • Check and balance chemicals
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Net top and bottom
  • Brush walls, tiles, and steps (bi-weekly)


  • Vacuum
  • Clean Filter

$65 a month

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